MetaTech Digital takes your business as seriously as you do and our branding services were created because of our passion for helping entrepreneurs change the world. Your brand is something that needs to be taken seriously as it’s how your customers will think of your business. We don’t create brands by just recreating modern design trends, rather we look to create the culture of tomorrow with work that’s both bold and timeless.

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Your Brand Identity is Important

Some brands are truly timeless. Names like Coca-cola and Nike come to mind. There’s much more to designing a logo than meets the eye. There’s psychology and research behind every brand that we design, whether that’s to create the feeling of prestige and power or the feeling of safety and reliability, there’s logic and data behind every decision in our process.


It’s surprising how often people will make decisions on nothing other than their emotions. While this fact about human beings is quite interesting and explains our unique behavior, it certainly is not the best driving force behind business decisions. Every aspect of a logo is going to signify something in your prospective customer’s subconscious, most likely without them ever even realizing it. Whether that be the colors, fonts, or shapes used, they all will decide how your brand is perceived. To use this to our advantage, we must deep dive into your brand’s history, mission, team, plans, etc. to truly grasp the best way we can exhibit your brand to the world.


After our research stage is completed, we can take our new data and use it to create something that’s not just unique, but also effective. While our new data will restrain us from using certain colors or font types, it still will take some creativity to bring all these elements together. We want you to feel heard while also allowing our creative team to use their skills.


Once our designs are completed, we can now get to the fun part of finalizing our decisions and releasing your new brand to the public! This is a very exciting time for both you and us, and we take great pride in knowing that our work is an integral part of your business. With a great brand identity on your back, it’s time to conquer the world!


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