At METATECH we have an advanced website creation process that consistently delivers quality products every single time. We take our advanced content strategy combined with cutting edge web design and the most powerful modern development technologies to produce websites that produce incredible results and mind-blowing experiences.

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It Starts From the Ground Up

From day one, we have been diligent about constant improvement and refinement of the techniques and processes that we have worked so hard to develop. We’re proud to say that we produce consistent results time and time again because of this. Hard work alone is simply not enough and to be the best at what we do, we have to be smarter than the rest. Time management, staying up to date on trends and developments in our industry, and good old fashioned customer service will always keep us ahead of the competition. We refuse to accept any projects that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting our name on because we’re not in the business of quantity, but rather, quality.

Research & Discovery

Each project at “awd” starts with a deep dive into our client’s company and the industry in which it resides. We need to discover the insider knowledge that will set them apart from their competitors and optimize that information for the next stage in our process. Many companies will overlook this stage because it’s the least glamorous, but, putting in the work here is what will pave the way for the rest of our process and ensure success in the long run.

Creating Content

Content is the foundation upon which a successful website is built. Without it, your website would cave in (virtually speaking of course). Our content works so well because it piggybacks upon our extensive research process while also combining with the power of our advanced-SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategies that supercharge performance on search engines and get the right eyes in front of the right content. This is how we target your ideal audience to produce the results you desire.


After our content stage is completed, we can now decide upon the best way to deliver that content to your audience. Our company’s foundation is built upon our devotion to modern web design trends combined with timeless principles to produce industry leading digital products. Anything we create is unlike any template that can be found on the web and certainly impossible to create with any website builder (such as squarespace, wix, etc). We do not seek to cater to the lowest common denominator. In fact, we only cater to those looking to compete at the highest level of their industry. We are the antithesis of cookie cutter, bland, generic websites. We plan to make websites for Fortune-100 companies and refuse to do work that doesn’t allow us to put our full capabilities on display.


Once our team has finalized the design with our client, the development team will take over and bring our design to life. This is where our commitment to cutting edge technology allows us to achieve results that lead the industry. Web development is constantly evolving, this means that those that refuse to change with the times will simply be left behind. We embrace this and our team is devoted to lifelong learning in order to stay at the forefront of the internet. We currently use the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, & Node.js) but can accommodate for each particular product’s needs. Although that may be the technology stack in which we prefer to build things, the real world is messy and the vast majority of projects will require many different types of technology to achieve the desired result.


Now that our product has been built, debugged, and our client is happy with the result, it’s time to deploy our project to the internet. We can host your website or app on our virtual servers, provide maintenance & updates, and monitor its performance to ensure that things are running optimally at all times. This allows you to focus on your business while also reaping the benefits of your new 24/7 virtual salesman!


Our Specialities

Marketing Websites

“AWD” was built upon the idea that a good marketing website should be the pillar of every business’s advertising and even entrepreneurial efforts. Our marketing websites not only give you the ability to sell 24/7, they allow you to play every other marketing aspect of your business off of it. This means that all you need to do is get someone to visit your website and it’ll take care of the rest. Everything about our websites is data-driven in order to produce the same consistent results time and time again. From the ground up, our websites are built to attract & convert the audience that is perfect for your brand.

Web Applications

Due to our far-reaching experience and knowledge in software engineering as well as design, we can produce web applications that create deep customer engagement and scale with ease. Quality control is ensured via our extensive testing process that maximizes user experience with functionality in mind to deliver top-notch applications time and time again.

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